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Homeowners who are looking to enhance the aesthetic beauty and overall efficiency of their properties often opt to replace their windows and sliding doors. Windows are also a primary consideration when customizing new construction or restoring old units. Currently, an all new appreciation is growing for the classic, box sash window. Far more intricate than basic, modern designs, these carefully crafted units can give homes a timeless appeal. Following is everything you need to know about the history of box sash windows.

sash window is a window that slides vertically and that has a counter-weighted mechanism that facilitates the sliding. The very first vertical window designs are believed to have been introduced in the 1600s in France, however, the counter-weighted mechanism is a development that has been attributed to the British. The major benefit of this design at the time of its inception was an increased ability to increase and control indoor ventilation. This was possible given that the bottom and top sash frames had the ability to move independently of one another.

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