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Welcome to Metta Healing, your premier destination for Reiki healing. We are passionate about providing holistic and transformative healing experiences that nurture your mind, body, and soul.

At Metta Healing, our highly skilled and experienced Reiki practitioners offer a range of services tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are seeking relaxation, stress relief, or emotional balance, our Reiki healing sessions will leave you feeling rejuvenated and harmonized. With a gentle touch and positive energy, we work to restore the flow of life force energy within you, promoting healing on a deep level.

In addition to Reiki healing in Dublin, we also offer Angelic Healing, a divine practice that connects you with the angelic realm to receive guidance, support, and healing. Our Angelic Healing sessions bring comfort, clarity, and a sense of profound peace. For those seeking the power of crystals, our Crystal Healing sessions harness the unique properties of crystals to balance and restore energy. By placing crystals on or around the body, we facilitate energetic alignment and promote overall well-being. If you are interested in deepening your understanding of Reiki, we provide comprehensive Reiki courses. Whether you are a beginner or already experienced in energy healing, our courses offer a transformative journey to becoming a certified Reiki practitioner or even a Reiki Master.

Discover the healing power of Reiki at Metta Healing, where compassionate practitioners and serene surroundings create the perfect environment for your well-being. Book your appointment today with Rebecca Singleton and experience the transformative magic of energy healing.

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