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About The Company

Naples Components Limited offers a range of kitchen ducting solutions designed to enhance the efficiency of kitchen ventilation systems. Our product line includes options made from plastic, PVC, and aluminum, suitable for various applications such as cooker hood extraction and ventilation fan ducting. In addition to these standard ducting options, they also provide specialised ventilation ducting for heat recovery systems. Our ducting products are available in different shapes and sizes, each optimised for specific uses to ensure optimal airflow and performance. For example, rigid round ducting is recommended for better airflow, while ready-made kits for cooker hoods and tumble dryers simplify the installation process.

At Naples Components Limited, customers can find ducting products tailored to their needs, ranging from 100mm to 220mm in diameter, flat channels, and stainless steel vent grilles. The company also offers competitive prices and fast delivery on all their ducting vents. Naples Components Limited provides exclusive offers and bulk pricing options for trade customers. Their commitment to customer service includes providing detailed advice on selecting the right type of ducting for specific requirements, and ensuring that every customer finds the perfect solution for their kitchen ventilation needs. 

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