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AR Heating Service provides heating and plumbing services for local residents of Harrow and its surroundings.
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Central heating and insulation system is now the essential need of every household in the UK. Multiple alternative methods of heating are available but central heating is the most cost-effective and highly efficient among all of them. The controllability of other heating systems is very limited whereas the central heating system provides full room to room controllability.

Modern central heating systems when used effectively can guarantee reduced bills all year round. Upgrading an existing central heating system could knock up to 30% off your annual gas bill. Modern A-rated condensing boilers with heating controls are much more efficient than older boilers.

When it comes to professional heating and insulation services, there are many companies through which you can avail the professional services of heating and insulation system installation. Many people can be seen searching for heating repair service near me but not many facilities are available in some areas. You can also apply for the UK government ECO scheme and upgrade or install a whole new central heating system for free of cost.

AR Heating Service provides heating and plumbing services for local residents of Harrow and its surroundings. If you are looking for expert plumbers and engineers with experience and knowledge in the town of harrow then it’s the right company to choose. There are multiple services that you can avail of for your central heating system ranging from boiler servicing, fixes for boiling, safety checks to the installation of your new boilers.

Since we are talking about central heating systems, so let’s break down all the services that you can avail from professionals to install, repair, maintain and upgrade central heating systems.


Boilers are a sensitive component of a house and keeping all the realities in check about your boilers such as timely inspection, installation, repairs, and servicing are complex tasks. It is essential to weigh your options and seek the best advice in order to decide which heating system best suits your house. Also, if you need to update or repair any of the faulty situations of your boiler you should ask for consultation because it is a decision, if not taken properly, you might regret it later. You need someone professional to carry out all these tasks. Whether you are looking for a new boiler installation and don’t know which one to choose? Or you are in need of professionals who can provide British gas boiler repair service, AR Heating is the answer to all of your Boiler related queries. Highly trained qualified field engineers can help you choose the best boiler that fits your budget and need for the heating system. Other services for which you should get help from professionals only are boiler servicing and repair. If your boilers are underperforming and working inefficiently then there may be a leakage or a faulty component that needs fixing or there just be sludge in your boiler that needs to be cleaned in order to maximize your boiler’s performance. Maintain your boilers all time long through professionals and experts to keep their full potential.

Heating & Plumbing:

Central heating systems are at the heart of every home. Not only does Central heating help with the cost of bills but it can also lower carbon dioxide emissions and therefore help you to help the environment. Compared to oil central heating, the gas central heating will produce significantly less emissions. Therefore, it’s not only more eco-friendly but also cleaner. Gas central heating will only emit water and carbon dioxide and accordingly does not require regular maintenance such as cleaning. However, a poorly designed system and an old boiler can be very expensive to run. You can get help from professionals who can suggest you the best course of action to make sure you are not wasting money.

Heating system repairing and boiler servicing should only be carried out by Gas Safe professionals. They use special equipment and tools to identify and diagnose faults accurately.

AR Heating Service doesn’t only provide heating system installation, heating repair service but also provide plumbing services associated with your boiler and heating system requirements. Issues like frozen pipes and restricted flow and cause radiators to bleed and hence inefficient heating performance. That is where you need professional plumbing services.

Gas Cookers:

Messing around with gas connections could have fatal consequences and fitting a new gas cooker should only be completed by a fully qualified competent gas cooker installer. We suggest you always seek help when dealing with gas matters since it can be a risky and tricky matter.

Power Flushes: 

Power Flushes are actually the cleaning and treating of the central heating systems at your home. Power flushing is the term used for cleaning the sludge out that is formed in the system with the aid of professional chemicals and a powerful flushing unit. For better performance and a longer life span, you should schedule routine checks and thorough cleaning of your central heating devices by professionals.

Landlord Certificates:

Landlords are legally obliged (in accordance with Gas Safety Regulations 1998) to get a gas safety certificate (CP12) every twelve months. A lot of landlords and letting agencies take advantage of AR Heating’s no-hassle landlord safety certificate service. You can even choose to pass on your tenant’s contact details for them to check their availability. All gas safety checks are carried out by experienced, qualified Gas Safe registered engineers of AR Heating Services.

Emergency Services:

Issues regarding central heating and plumbing system can erupt at any time. Disasters can range from the devastation of a burst pipe to the lethal effects of contaminated water and carbon monoxide poisoning. If something like that happens and you find yourself searching for emergency plumber near me then 24-hour emergency services in Harrow are available from A R Heating and Plumbing Service. They offer quick and hard workers to solve your problems regarding your heating systems, boilers, gas cookers, or plumbing requirements.

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