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The UK ECO4 Scheme, part of the broader Energy Company Obligation (ECO) initiative, is designed to help improve the energy efficiency of homes in the United Kingdom. Launched in 2022, it is the fourth phase of the ECO program, continuing the government's efforts to reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty. Here are the key elements of the ECO4 Scheme:

Purpose and Goals

The primary goal of the ECO4 Scheme is to improve the energy efficiency of domestic properties, particularly targeting low-income households and those vulnerable to the cold. By doing so, the scheme aims to reduce energy bills, lower carbon emissions, and contribute to the UK's broader environmental and social welfare objectives.


ECO4 focuses on providing support to households that are either in fuel poverty or are considered vulnerable. This includes households on certain income-related benefits, those in social housing with poor energy efficiency ratings, and other criteria set by local authorities under the flexible eligibility rules.

Measures Covered

The scheme funds a wide range of energy efficiency measures, including but not limited to:

Insulation: Loft, cavity wall, and solid wall insulation to reduce heat loss.

Heating: Installation of energy-efficient boilers, heat pumps, and other heating systems.

Renewable Energy: Support for installing renewable energy technologies such as solar panels.

Other Improvements: Double glazing, draught-proofing, and other measures to enhance overall energy efficiency.

Funding and Delivery

Energy suppliers are obligated to deliver the ECO4 measures. They work with installers and local authorities to identify eligible households and carry out the necessary improvements. Funding is provided through a levy on energy bills, meaning that larger energy companies finance the scheme.

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